Michelangelo Russo

Michelangelo Russo was born in Campobasso, southern Italy in 1962, Michelangelo is a visual artist and musician.

He started painting at the age of 12 when he started frequenting the studio of a well known local painter, Franco Iannelli, learning various painting techniques. He had his first solo show at the age of 15.

During the 80s Michelangelo studied architecture and graphic design in Pescara and Roma.

In early1990, after staging several shows in Italy, Michelangelo travelled to Berlin where he felt a strong affinity with the city's artistic energy. He established a studio in the heart of East Berlin, which at this time, shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, was a fertile artistic ground for young pioneering artists.  At the end of 1993, Michelangelo moved to Melbourne to continue in pursuing his career in both painting and music. Michelangelo's work features in private collections all over Australia as well as in Cuba, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA.  

Michelangelo is also a talented musician. He has played in several bands in Italy, Germany and Australia. He has extensively toured Europe playing concerts and experimental music festivals appearing on several seminal recordings. Since 1994 he has collaborated widely with musician/songwriter/producer Hugo Race, and composers/musicians Wendy Morrison and Andrew Ogburn amongst others, appearing in many projects, recordings and performances